Web Marketing Consulting


Request For Web Marketing Consulting


Who can ask for a web marketing consultancy?

Virtually all! Or rather, all those who have a budget to invest in online communication (and not only – ed). To get good results we recommend the monthly schedule, and at least 12 months of counseling. Time and patience are essential for those who want to achieve lasting results.

What types of web marketing consultancy you may require?

We have 4 main areas:
– Google AdWords (CPC planning on Google and other search engines. You pay only when a user clicks on your ad)
– Fecebook ADS (also in this case will plan to CPC, or cost per click, the most used social network in Italy)
– SEO (optimization, indexing and organic ranking of your site pages and in the natural results (no fee – ed) Google and other search engines used in Italy).
– Email Marketing (DEM and Newsletter): sending e-mails “in target” to the profile of your business, using database authorized by the editors of the sites.

Projected costs, budget and web marketing consultancy prices

There is a “standard” to follow. You can even start with a few hundred euros a month and then decide (results in hand, of course – ed) to allocate budgets of most important of thousands of euros per month. We think that if a web marketing strategy works, we should not think of the “savings.” If you earn because underinvestment? It would not make sense!

To make a good web marketing consultancy, however, it takes a lot of experience

We are among the few in Italy that can boast 21 years of experience. Since 1994, when Google did not even exist, and there was Altavista, Lycos and other historical search engines in the top 5, the most used by users resources. We have “ridden” all “waves” and “bubbles” of the new economy.