Social Media? Stupidity collective for the 56% of internet users

Yes, I knew for some time that social media can be addictive but also be a source of phobias as F.O.M.O., an acronym that stands for ‘Fear of Missing Out’, although it was hoped in a lower percentage.
What are we talking about?
Fear (stupidity ‘- editor’s note) Internet users, if moves away from social networks for a while’ time, and missing out or being cut off from news, events, friends updates.
We’ve gone from anonymity and fear of inserting a credit card
a few years ago, the stupidity ‘collective, to write and read all the crap
Friends, acquaintances, relatives, connected by the “mythical” Social Media.
They were ignorant and unaware of the existence of the e-mail to communicate, and project Social Media for unique tool for private communication.
We arrived at the stupidity ‘collective: 56% of users are afraid of being cut off from their “world.”
Your turn off the “Social accounts” and take a walk outside, in real life, instead of staying glued to your favorite Social netwotk.