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Who are they ?
But mainly because Google has positioned their seo sites?

Let’s find out together 😉

We observe for years, and are years that everyone analyzes the sites of the other to find out who knows what “mysterious secret” brought them in the first positions.

Some of us are so obsessed that copies and replication shamelessly “en bloc” even the entire contents of the page … (but that’s another story that will not address in this post – ed).

So, we return to our SEO analysis of the most deserving Italian, in 2014, according to Google.

In the first 4 positions, it seems that Google has preferred 3 pages
and a page, so there is no trace of Italian SEO.

I do I link them, or Google penalizes me?
Fear eh? :-p
They should tremarVi his wrists to the sole hypothesis of a link to your colleague.
And why would you want to advertise it for free?
True? :-p
“I am the best, not him”

The SEO ego alas … we represent (the category – ed) what I call “the average Italian”
but beware, the average Italian CENSIS “Italian” sciapi and unhappy “” Italians fleeing abroad ‘ ”

We do not make the system. We are worse than gossipy mothers-to speak ill of others.
We are ready to do anything to “win the customer” that grants us his “begging” (paltry budget SEO – editor’s note) in exchange of our slavery.

True, very true: Italy is no system.
It is we, the great “artists” the “genes” of the “world’s best” … and in the meantime the Chinese and Indians have already well exceeded in SEO.
While the Americans and the British have gone out of fashion, apart from the companies (foreign branches in Italy – ed) fixed with fluent English, otherwise I do not work with their “international staff”.

Ok, ok, never mind … we are here for another. You’re right that laws 😉

So because they’re on the front page of Google while your website is not and never will be?

you have not studied enough Web Marketing despite having paid the master? you do not “snatched” the secrets of the SEO expert, and you think that he uses “tricks”?

SEO Weblog Dmoz Open Directory Project
It is a collection of many old and new sites, which in terms of quality, should, according to the ODP editor, be to your liking.

As more and ODP suggests to deepen the article regarding the Registration, Optimization and Positioning on search services, and even here, you will find active companies, as well as many others that have closed down for years, but has some historical always useful.

So I said that Wikipedia depopulated between S.E.R.P.s
and is the number 1, just with a simple simple small page (but that all SEO link – editor’s note)
and it is the page that relates to the optimization for search engines.

And they always, the number 2 we find them with half a blank page where they should write something from seo, but from what I read I do not find anything interesting, but Google has rewarded it. Mystery…

In third place continues tris free encyclopedia, but in the English version (SEO are the British that the link – editor’s note) with the article on the Search engine optimization.

And here came the Google page, the number 4, which tells you about the optimization for search engines (SEO) what else is not that the “classic ABC” of what once was called “webmaster” whose evolution I It led to “geek”, and finally the coveted title of “SEO” ;-).
It must be said that Google is not “soft” and the category of SEO, then you do not understand why SEO speak well only when they are placed in the top 10, whereas they speak evil when they are not present in S.E.R.P.s.

And our colleagues where they are?
A short linker them also, that in the opinion of Google, are the most deserving (for now) ;-).