Google: voice translation to the translator Google Translate

Google, according to a report in the New York Times (NYT), would be ready to challenge Skype (which is venturing into the voice translation in real time – editor’s note), with a new feature:
Incoming voice translation to the translator of Google.

It will therefore be possible to have a written translation in real time, directly on the display of your smartphone / tablet / PC (personal computer – ed), a voice dialogue in a foreign language.

The translator of Google, now has:
– 100 million installations on Android platform
– 500 million monthly users in total

The Google Translator, today it translates 90 languages.
For now issue only: written translation, with voice option of the translated text.

Instant voice translation, real-time, it would be for Google, a new source of traffic, given the 2.2% of users lost in the US, after the agreement signed between Firefox (browser for surfing the Internet) and Yahoo !, search engine, “rival” Google.