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Business Consultant for Search Engines: Google.it, Yahoo.it, MSN / Bing, Virgilio.it, Libero.it SEO: Indexing, Optimization and Positioning Internet sites. SEM: Web Marketing (Campaigns Pay Per Click) Consulting SEO / SEM / Web Marketing for the Search Engines E-Mail us Or fill out the form and Request a Quote:   SEM / SEO specialist Received certifications: […]

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Wikipedia: $ 20 million in donations in 2011

Wikipedia, January 15, 2012, celebrates: 11 years of online activities. the first birthday also came a new record for fundraising: Wikimedia Foundation: he has collected, in 2011: $ 20 million in donations (In 2010 they were: $ 16 million). The campaign for donations began in 2003, and is carried out annually and is growing steadily. […]

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Facebook, in U.K., is the leading cause of divorce

According to research carried out in Britain, on couples who want to separate, Facebook is responsible for 33% of separations (in 2009 it was 20%), while Twitter is responsible for 0.5% of separations. Here’s what people are doing on the famous “Social Network”: betray, they try the opposite sex. In practice, everything except please make […]

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